Why Skills Can Transform You from Ordinary to Extraordinary : The Gateway to Limitless Growth!

Why Skills Can Transform You from Ordinary to Extraordinary - Hardeep Narula

“Knowledge is Power”. This old saying has taken a modern twist in today’s racing and progressive world.  Nowadays the true power not just lies in knowledge, but in the mastery of skills. It’s no more about what you know, but what you can do.

In this ever-changing and uncertain job market, Employers don’t just care about your degrees, they crave SKILLS. A piece of degree is no more a determining factor to gauge someone’s expertise.

And in this Digital and AI era, a wave of creators and start-ups is taking India by storm. The young hearts of India hold incredible potential to learn, earn, create and innovate. This potential can be immensely unlocked with the power of skills. This is the age of “A Skilled India”.

Without beating around the bush, let me just right away tell you why skills are so important and how they can transform you from an ordinary to an extraordinary person.

(1) Skills are Practical

Skills aren’t just theories on paper; they’re the practical magic wand which infuses passion into action, turning your ideas and dreams into reality.

Unlike bookish knowledge, skills are very practical that can be developed and directly applied to create your own fortune.

They can fuel your personal, professional, and societal growth. They will enable you to create tangible value and innovate.

(2) Skills are Adaptable

Like water molding to the shape of its container in whichever it is put, skills shape-shift themselves to fit different situations.

Textbook knowledge can become old and outdated, but skills are very much adaptable that can be applied in various fields making you more versatile in the real-time world and job market.

(3) Skills Can Make You Self-Employed (Escape the Trap)

Tired of the 9-to-5 grind? You’re not alone.

In today’s era of “Work-from-Home and Digital India”, most of you are fed up and stuck with your 9 to 5 jobs.

Practically speaking, even you know that it’s no more a 9 to 5 but has likely become a 9-to-9 if we consider commuting and travelling. Keeping your passion aside, you no more enjoy your job, but are still compelled to do it for survival and the cash flow.

Skills will set you free from that endless commute and routine that drains your passion. Jobs might become obsolete, but skills would always be booming and shining.

Let’s talk numbers. Did you know that according to AICTE, only 40% of engineering graduates in India are actually ready for the job market?

Yep, you heard that right. That means lots of degrees but not enough skills. No wonder why so many educated young people are struggling to find jobs. 

This dark reality definitely emphasizes the need for skill-focused education. In fact, according to CMIE, around 33.3% of urban youth aged 20-24 were unemployed in 2021. It’s a tough spot to be in.

And it’s not just India – the world’s watching too. The “Future of Jobs” report from the World Economic Forum shines a light on a big problem: there’s a gap between the skills employers need and what many candidates have. Only 45% of employers find candidates with the right skills.

That’s a red flag waving high.

So, what’s the takeaway? Skills matter – big time. It’s not just about degrees; it’s about being ready for the real world. With the right skills, you can stand out, even land a job, become self-employed, and build the future you want by developing side hustles. This brings me to my next point.

(4) Skills Will Help You to Create Multiple Income Sources

Ever heard the saying,

 “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

It’s true for income too. Skills help you create multiple income streams, so you’re not tied to just one source.

“If your SALARY is your only source of income, then you’re just one step away from poverty”.

“Never depend on a single income, make investments to a create second source”. – Legendary Investor Warren Buffet.

These are not just quotes said by him but golden words in today’s age when your expenses and wants are increasing. And it would just keep on increasing in the future due to inflation. Life’s getting costlier, and one income won’t cut it.

You desire to buy a luxury car, an iPhone, swiss watches, and your own house and wish to live a lavish life. 

Every one of you deserves to get the best on your plate. But do you think that it’s easy or even possible just by doing a job? Or just relying on a single source of income? It demands much more than a job can offer.

Imagine: God-forbidden your job’s gone tomorrow. Scary, right? Nothing against doing a job, but relying on a single income or single paycheck in a month can be a disastrous approach.

The hole in your pockets will keep on getting bigger with time. But skills? Skills will diversify your income, create that BACKUP, and be an “add-on” to your life and the cash flow. With skills, You’re just unstoppable. You’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. Ready to diversify? Let’s dive in more.

(5) Skills Will Create a BACK-UP to Your Job and Expertise

Everyone cannot become an entrepreneur or do business, and that’s okay. Some find joy in a steady job, and that’s crucial too. Imagine if everyone ran a business – who’d do the jobs? It is crucial for the ecosystem to have them both. This is how the ecosystem and the world works.

But guess what? Having skills doesn’t just mean business; it also means a “backup”. Even if your job takes a nosedive, skills give you a safety net. When your job is no more, you have another source of income keeping the cash flow running. 

You’re not compelled to be dependent on your job. You’re not tied to that desk; you’re free to freelance, pursue your passions, and have other PLANS.

You can pursue them concurrently with your job. Even employers nowadays are focusing on skills-based hiring.

Look around – the big shots? Most Entrepreneurs, Millionaires, and even big actors in Bollywood– they’ve got multiple income sources. They’re sharks who keep swimming big in their lives. 

Even if they personally don’t have a skill apart from their own expertise, the ones with other particular SKILLS are appointed to run their multiple businesses.

And here’s a fun fact…

Celebs and Actors? They’re more than what the eye meets. Many of them are certified personal trainers or dive into other fields. Why? Because they know that this show biz isn’t constant. One day you’re in the spotlight; the next day, you’re not. You might get a small role now and then not even get work for years.

So their other skills and backup help them to survive and keep going. Skills are their lifeline, the wind beneath their wings when times get tough.

So, take a lesson from the pros and big sharks: Skills aren’t just a backup plan; they’re your secret weapon to bloom, gloom, and survive.

(6) Skills Can Make You Start Your BUSINESS. They Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur!

Imagine being the captain of your own ship. Skills aren’t just tools; they’re your ticket to freedom.

Skills will provide you with the freedom and independence to start up something of your own and set up a business.

Instead of relying upon a job, you can start an online venture, dive into freelancing, or craft a business offline from scratch. They’re just the golden key to opening up multiple locks of opportunities.

Even if you don’t have the skills, all you need to do is learn or team up with those who’ve got them – who knows “how to do” it. Read this secret sauce again!!

You leap from ordinary to extraordinary, from being in the crowd to standing tall as a leader. 

From an EMPLOYEE to an EMPLOYER. From Employed to Self-Employed. From a Businessman to an Entrepreneur. It can evolve you from ZERO TO HERO – all because of skills.

(7) Skills Will Bring Economic Prosperity and Global Competitiveness

Economic Prosperity

It’s simple: skilled people mean a thriving economy. That’s a fact. Research by the ILO shows that sharpening skills don’t just boost wages, it also supercharges productivity. So, when we polish our skills, we’re not just growing ourselves, we’re fueling India’s progress.

We’re simultaneously backing our Indian Government’s #SkillIndia mission fostering employability and entrepreneurship. Just the way I’m supporting the Government’s other initiative of #FitIndia via my fitness blog “Fitness HN, all thanks to my skills. This is like hunting 2 birds simultaneously with 1 stone. A WIN-WIN situation.

Global Competitiveness

And here’s the kicker: Skills aren’t just local heroes; they’re global game-changers. A skilled nation becomes more competitive which will provide us the edge and competitiveness globally.

But guess what? We’re not quite there yet. India ranked 67th out of 141 countries in global competitiveness. Time to up our game! This surely highlights that we as a nation need improvement!

So, whether it’s your personal journey or India’s global rise, skills are the secret sauce. Let’s be the change – let’s skill up for our own and our nation’s success.

8) Skills Will Skyrocket Your Growth

Skills are the elixir that fuels growth. Think of them as your growth tonic. They’re not just some magic words; they’re the real deal. Mix them with knowledge, and you’re in for a wild ride.

Skills don’t just boost your brainpower; they supercharge your career journey too. Skills if stacked with knowledge can immensely make you grow not just knowledge-wise, but also in your professional career.

It’s like turning up the volume on success – both in your mind and in your work.

9) Skills Will Put More MONEY on Your Plate

Remember this famous dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots, it’s pure gold.

“Kamyab hone ke liye nahi, kaabil hone ke liye padho. Success ke peeche mat bhago, excellence ka peeche karo. Success jhakk marke tumhare peeche aayegi!” 

(Study not to succeed, but to become capable. Don’t chase success, chase excellence. Success will follow you in the spark of a moment).


10) They will Make you More Ambitious in Life

Skills are like sparks that ignite the ambition within you. With each skill conquered, your hunger for knowledge, earnings, and growth grows extreme. You no more want to settle for less in life.

With every skill mastered, the desire to learn more, earn more, and become more intensifies.

They unleash your craving for more – more learning, more success, more of everything you deserve.

Bottom Line

In this era of limitless possibilities, remember that skills are your ultimate passport to success. 

They’re not just theoretical concepts but practical tools that can unlock your true potential and reshape your destiny.

As the world evolves, skills adapt, making you irreplaceable in any field. Whether you seek financial independence, self-employment, or a thriving business, skills make your way.

They’re the backbone of a competitive nation, driving economic and personal growth. So, embrace skills, focus on continuous learning, ignite your ambition, and sculpt a remarkable path to an extraordinary life.

In the journey from ordinary to extraordinary, skills are your greatest companions – equip yourself and conquer the world.

“Learn a Skill and Master it”. – This is the Guru Mantra for unleashing boundless growth in life!

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