About Me

Hardeep Narula - Fitness Nutrition Coach. Blogger. Content Writer & Content Creator. Trader.

Hardeep Narula is an Independent Fitness Nutrition Coach, Blogger, Content Creator, and a Trader.

His passion is to educate & evolve people through informational and value-adding content in terms of fitness, health, nutrition, skills, and self-development.

Being a lifelong learner and firm believer in skills acquisition, he self-educated himself in “Digital Marketing” back in 2016. Stacking his decade-long expertise in fitness & nutrition with digital marketing and other creative skills, he founded “Fitness HN” – a platform to educate & empower fitness enthusiasts in India.

Challenging traditional educational norms, he prioritizes skills over formal education. Breaking free from the rat race, Hardeep wants to carve his own way and redefine success. He’s determined to create multiple income sources (side hustles) while inspiring others to do the same.

Through valuable content, he wants to ignite a thirst for knowledge, encouraging self-discovery and growth in the masses.

Hardeep’s vision is grand and inspiring. He dreams of creating a fitter, evolving, and self-employed India – where skills are prioritized and multiple income sources shine.

His ultimate mission is to make – “10 Million Indians Fitness Literate and Self-Employed”. A nation where not only people are fit, but also financially independent.

Join him on the path of self-employment and break free from the herd mentality. Let’s prioritize skills and be the driving force in shaping India – A Fitter and Skilled India. #FitIndia #SkillIndia.

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