High Income Skills to Earn Money Online in 2023. The Only Way!!

High Income Skills to Earn Money Online in 2023 - Hardeep Narula

Are you ready to break free from the monotony of a single paycheck (salary) and start the journey towards financial abundance?

Ask yourself,  you just wanna survive on a single job or a salary, or want to make a luxurious living with multiple income sources?

If you want to build a fortune and a good life for yourself, The path to a life of luxury begins with “high income skills” to earn money online in 2023.


Making Money Online is a Scam…

How to Earn Money from Home - Hardeep Narula

As soon as you hear about “Making Money Online” all you hear a word in your mind is “SCAM”.

You’ve tried those so-called online surveys, online data entry work, clicking ads, promoting pharma or cosmetic products for the commission they claim, earn from-home gimmicky things but just landed up with bad experiences or a scam.

We’ve all been there.

The fact is, making money online by sitting in the comforts of your home isn’t as easy and a cakewalk as they make it seem.

You would just be filling the pockets of the people who sell you and be stuck in the rabbit hole and pyramid scheme of them.

It’s Legit and Possible!

How to Make Money from Home - Hardeep Narula

So Putting aside the tales of online scams and fruitless endeavours, how is it possible?

The answer lies in learning and mastering “High Income Skills”.

Genuine success and making money online in this digital era come with SKILLS. With learning a “SKILL and mastering it”.

In my previous article, I told you “Why Skills are Important and How Skills Can Make You Extraordinary from an Ordinary Person”.

So in order to actually make money online with your mobile or laptop, you need to learn “High Income Skills” that have a huge demand and have a tremendous potential to generate income for you.

So what are those high income skills to learn in 2023 that would pay you for a lifetime? Let’s dive in!


(1) Trading

High Income Skills to Earn Money Online (Trading) - Hardeep Narula

Is there any business where you have no boss, no partners, no clients or employees?

In which you don’t have to travel or pay the office rent, your location doesn’t matter, and what you wear doesn’t matter either.

You don’t have to push sales, yet money flows into your trading account almost instantly, and within a day, it lands in your bank account. It’s not a hoax. No nonsense, just real money. None?

Trading is the answer!

Trading is a skill that only demands a DEMAT account, minimum capital, and a laptop or mobile, allowing you to make money from anywhere.

However, Trading is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” as many perceive it. Earning requires learning. Just like any other skill, you need to dedicate months and years to master this skill.

As the saying goes, First you LEARN, then you remove ‘L’ for the EARNING in hand. But shockingly the opposite happens with the impatient individuals. EARNING hoti nahi hai, Bass “L” रह जाता है हाथ में😋

Wanna Know a Shocking Fact About Trading?

SEBI reports that 90-95% of traders, particularly in Futures & Options segment, face losses.

So beware of the illusions painted by so-called YouTube gurus and traders with their flashy profit screenshots —most of them are fabricated.

But if you look at SEBI’s report another way, only 5-10% of people are profitable out of them in the F&O segment.

This means the competition in trading is significantly less than in many other fields.

Also, trading is not limited to just “Futures & Options”.

Obviously, we can’t compete with High-Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). But we just need to be better than that 90 – 95 % of people to stand out and become highly profitable.

Surpass that 90-95% and shine on in the world of high-income skills for online profits.


Unlock Trading: Don’t Gamble, Embrace the Skill!

Unlock Trading: Don't Gamble, Embrace the Skill - Hardeep Narula

Trading isn’t a game of chance. Trading is a serious business. Profits and Losses are part of every business.

To succeed in trading, shift your perspective from ‘gambling’ to learning and mastering the skill over time.

Education is the key — invest in understanding technical analysis, money & risk management, and most importantly, your mindset and emotional control.

The most important aspects of trading are “MINDSET and Psychology” which need to be proper before you start.

You can learn technical analysis. You might learn to manage risk as well, but what about psychology and emotional control?

These things, practically, only the MARKET will teach you. And to learn in the market, you might have to lose money. But that would be your tuition fees to learn before you earn. And in return, you will actually learn things practically.

Spare yourself from spending on unnecessary courses. No doubt, valuable ones can accelerate your knowledge.

But end of the day, the market is the supreme teacher.

Ultimately, it’s about money in or money out. Profit or loss. If a loss, then why?

The market gives you a crystal clear image of everything.


How to Start Trading?

How to Start Trading - Hardeep Narula

Trading is a very vast topic that I can’t cover in a single article, but stay tuned for dedicated articles on trading in the future.

Coming straight to the point, you only need a Demat account and either a mobile or a laptop to start trading.

I personally use Upstox for trading.

  1. Open a FREE Demat A/C.
  2. Create a Watchlist of Companies you’ve heard of, Observe their charts.
  3. The Basic Principle is Simple: Buy Low and Sell at a Higher Price. For Instance, if you buy 25 shares of Tata Power Company at 250 rupees and sell them at 260, you’ve made a profit of 250 rupees. (This is just an example, not a buy-sell recommendation).
  4. Add Money to your Trading A/C. Viola, Happy Trading and Investing!

Disclaimer: I’m not a SEBI registered advisor and this content is only for educational purposes. Kindly consult your financial advisor before trading or investing at your own risk.

Affiliate Disclosure: The free demat links mentioned above are affiliate links and I may earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you.


(2) Making SALES

High Income Skills (Making Sales) - Hardeep Narula
Image by Freepik

Imagine a world where door-to-door selling is a thing of the past.

In today’s digital age, the power to make sales and drive revenue lies at your fingertips, whether through online platforms or a simple phone call.

Regardless of your profession or company, it all boils down to one word: Business. And business means one thing— Making a Sale.

And it’s not a business until you’re making a SALE. Business comes by driving the “MONEY IN”. By making the cash flow into your bank.

Listing a product is just the start; the true achievement lies in closing the deal. Without making a sale, there is no business. This is where and why most businesses fail!

So remember, NO SALE = NO BUSINESS.

Mastering the art of making a sale unlocks endless opportunities, making you invaluable. People are always ready to buy, all you need to do is learn the skill of making SALES.

This skill not only enhances your online earning potential but will even help you in your job to generate more business for the company you’re working for.


(3) Digital Marketing

High Income Skills (Digital Marketing) - Hardeep Narula

Your market is wherever people are, and in today’s digital age, that’s everywhere.

I discovered the power of digital marketing in 2016 and combined it with my fitness expertise to transform my life professionally.

Learning this skill opened doors I never imagined. It intrigued and enabled me to launch a website, craft compelling articles, and beautifully grow more.

Every door started opening and things started falling into place just after learning this beautiful skill of digital marketing.

With Digital India and the global shift toward digital operations, the potential forecasted for 2025 has already arrived in full force post-COVID. Everything and everyone has adapted to this and become digital.

If you run an offline business without a digital presence, you’re limiting your reach, my friend. ‘Being digital’ has massive reach which is very important for the scalability of any business.

Learning digital marketing opens doors to various income avenues. You can become an affiliate marketer, promote products or services, engage in e-commerce, offer your expertise as a freelancer, or even start your own digital agency.

Just like without sale there is no business, without marketing, there is no sale. MARKETING makes it easy to make a sale.

Businesses are increasingly shifting their focus to online platforms. Therefore, the demand for skilled digital marketers remains consistently high. Possibilities are boundless.


(4) Content Creation & Management

High Income Skills (Content Creation) - Hardeep Narula
Image by Freepik

Remember, they say ‘CONTENT is the KING,’ and it’s absolutely true.

Whether you’re in Blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Online Business Promotion, or aspiring to be an Online Influencer, it all boils down to one thing —’ Content.’

Don’t just consume content, CREATE it. As a content creator myself, I believe in giving more content than I take.

Without producing a piece of content, you or any business does not have a digital presence.

You can start with something as simple as YTshorts or writing detailed articles/your thoughts in the description of the YTshorts, even without a website. Thank me later;)

Nowadays, anyone can become an influencer, but to be a credible and authoritative one, you must focus on Content and providing real value.

Start a blog, launch a YouTube channel, or explore Instagram; these platforms are your launchpads.

Want to know how to start your website or blog? Drop down in the comments and I’ll create a dedicated article just for you.

Create Content, MONETIZE it, and watch it become your source of income. For example, take a look at this e-book I created worth R̶s̶.1̶4̶9̶ and monetized with the “Pay What Want Offer”.

21 Golden Rules of Fat Loss - Fitness HN

You can even set a fixed price that suits you.

Now you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Deliver genuine value to your audience by understanding their needs and preferences. Dive into analytics to discover what content resonates best with your target audience.

Interestingly, both of my websites are created and managed by myself. All thanks to my content creation & management skills.

These skills are the keys to creating a strong online presence and, ultimately, earning money online.

 (5) Copyrighting

High Income Skills (Copyrighting) - Hardeep Narula

Are you passionate about words and skilled in writing? If so, Copywriting is your golden key to learn and master.

Copyrighting simply means writing words that drive sales or make someone take action. It’s also used to create effective brand awareness.

The intent of it is to convince the user to take a specific/desired action. The copy (content) should trigger the interest of the user to generate conversion or SALES.

Every written content available on the internet is words. With good copyrighting, you’re just writing words with the intent of a GOAL or specific action that you want the reader to take.

Think of it as the art of wordplay, where you seduce (not the way you’re thinking – ahem ahem) readers into taking action – whether it’s clicking an ad, filling out a form, watching a video, or making a purchase, etc.

With a solid copy, you’re just convincing the reader to take the desired step. They’re very goal-driven words written with the intent of making a reader take a specific action.

Amazingly, Good copyrighting can even turn boring or simple words into more interesting and extraordinary words.

Most importantly, it can turn readers into paying customers. Articulating written words and presenting them mind-blowing can get you paid a lot of money in return.

Every business requires the skill of copyrighting to present itself as the best, and it is a path to substantial online income.


(6) Online Coaching & Consultation

Coaching will never go out of trend. People seek guidance and solutions for almost everything.

Interestingly, the beauty of coaching and consulting is that it will pay you even if you don’t have a product.

It is a service that you provide in exchange for your expertise and time by coaching/consulting them, solving their problems, and giving them results!

The best part of this is that you don’t need a physical location or even a website. Location or workplace is no more a barrier. All it requires is expertise, authority, and a commitment to delivering results.

You just need to be an expert in your field and authoritative. So that you don’t misguide people and deliver them results.

Clients pay for your knowledge and the time you invest in making them learn and achieve their goals.

They pay you for the time and RESULTS!!

Regardless of your communication skills, you can start with Chat Consultations. Just the way I started doing it.

Check out this DCC service that I provide people who are looking for a dedicated chat consultation session for their fitness & nutrition solutions.

DCC - Fitness HN

You can even start by providing 1-on-1 personalized online coaching like I do on WhatsApp.

Just to maintain the quality of my service and results, I train very limited clients. This makes me give dedicated time and the best results to my handful of clients. That’s my USP.

If communicating with people is your thing, then providing consultations over a call is also the way for you.

Remember my buddy, taking that first step puts you ahead of those who haven’t started yet or tried. Start it, and with time you’ll just get better.


(7) Graphic Designing & Video Editing

High Income Skills (Graphic Designing & Video Editing) - Hardeep Narula

From eye-catching graphics on social media to engaging shorts you enjoy on my YouTube channel, I’m the creative mind behind it all.

As I said earlier, Content is the king. And well-designed images and engaging shorts, reels, or videos are essential for websites,  all social media platforms, businesses, and even for marketing campaigns.

By mastering this skill, you can create a lot of content that attracts people and even businesses looking to increase their online presence.

You can start a YouTube channel or leverage platforms like Instagram to showcase your editing skills.

You can Freelance or join a digital marketing agency – specializing in graphic design and video production. Many businesses outsource these services.

Stacking graphic designing or video editing with other high income skills like digital marketing makes you a very sought-after professional in the digital industry, leading to higher income potential.



So in 2023, opportunities to earn money online are loaded and abundant. Just mastering high income skills is your golden ticket to success.

Whether it’s trading, making sales, digital marketing, content creation and management, online coaching and consultation, copyrighting, or graphic designing and video editing; each skill paints your pathway with money towards financial freedom.

So, Which skill is your fav or would you like to learn more about it?? Let me know in the comments below↓

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